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Cambridgeshire schools, San Bernardino, properties directly impacted by works will receive a letter detailing the exact times of the works.
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  • Support and information if you look after another person.
  • As vehicles run over these weakened areas, hitting potholes can damage your vehicle.
  • One of the responsibilities of the Public Works Department is road maintenance.
  • Statements of Special Educational Needs and Learning Disability Assessments.
  • Residential roads linking between the Main and Secondary Distributor roads.
  • The driver hits another vehicle traveling through the intersection. 

Phone calls or messages received outside of these hours will be returned on the next business day.

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Crack sealing is a contracted activity based on available funding and competing roads with similar deterioration. Pot holes will and do form in our roads for many reasons. These are not considered potholes and are repaired under a separate program.

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Potholes can also form as the road surface warms in the spring and the frost is driven deeper in the ground. This used to be called Common Assessment framework or CAF. The most common way is when water seeps into cracks in the surface of the road. Get the contact information of any witnesses.

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