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Engineering And Public Policy Programs

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An internship will provide significant experience with and exposure to the internal administrative and policy operations of an agency.

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The NFBPA distributes multiple scholarships to black students in the field of public policy or public administration each year.

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My Harris education helps me connect the dots and construct a more comprehensive view of how the Central Bank should produce its policy, including how to maintain low inflation and a stable exchange rate on a national scale. Students graduating from the BS program in biomedical engineering will have a firm and practical grasp of engineering principles and underlying science associated with traditional biomedical engineering applications. Note: The dissertation defense is open to the public. CMU and another by the Portuguese partner University. What would you like to know about life at York?

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This means that PR managers must develop relationships with the press and communicate with the public.

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For eligibility criteria, award values, application details and deadlines, visit the Fulbright Canada website.

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