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We do not verify claims of ownership made through this feature.

If the Members do not disapprove the proposed replacement or restoration, the Board may levy a Reconstruction Assessment against each Owner and their Lot, and cause the damaged or destroyed Common Areas to be repaired or restored.

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Boulders Joint Venture or thereafter created or approved by the Association. Now, however, the majority imposes a qualification on the use of a private roadway. The main office is located in downtown Phoenix.

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Question: My lady friend and I live in one of the older Phoenix subdivisions. Planning Commission or City Council hearings.
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  • However, the contrary is true regarding deed restrictions.
  • All of the lot owners access their lots using an easement on a private road.
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  • Easements in the Master Declaration and the Residential Declaration on the.
  • Equal Treatment: Similarly situated Owners and occupants shall be treated similarly.
  • Easements preserve the property owner's title to their property while. 

Older documents are available in books and case files and more recent indexes can be viewed online.

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Merely operating at a loss is not equal to a deed restriction prohibiting a profit. The Regular Assessment and Special Assessment for each Member shall be unifonll. The documents will then be recorded by the City. Kass is a practicing attorney in Washington.

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The accuracy of the methodology used to develop the Services, the existence of any subject property, and the accuracy of any predicted value provided are estimates based on available data and are not warranted in any way.

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Modifications Committee need not be Members of the Association or representatives of Members and may, but need not, include architects, engineers or similar professionals, whose compensation, if any, shall be established from time to time by the Board.

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Federal disaster assistance is available only if the President declares a disaster. Please resize your browser window or access filters from a desktop or laptop. Change how does my arizona property on my report? You are commenting using your Facebook account. We do i want to run a part of my property.

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